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Since 2015 we have provided hosting services for Internet stakeholders of all sizes worldwide. Today we host several hundred thousands websites in our partners datacenters. We offer a range of Servers like KVM VPS Servers including SSD VPS Servers, we are are leading provider of Cloud Servers.

Today we are one of the leading Cloud Server Provider in Asia.

We offer Verity of ISO Images to be install through our robot control panel, We can upload your custom ISO as per your need, Our 24-7-365 Support team is available to provide Sles or Technical Support round the Clock we offer 24 hours SLA.


We have set up an exceptional team that offers innovative, top-quality service. They support our clients on a daily basis and work to develop the technologies of tomorrow.
We focus on human values. We believe in collective effort: the complexity of our businesses requires a wide range of skills. We have great confidence in our employees' talents.


At Online, data reliability is not an option, nor an area for compromise or savings. 
We are committed to fully meeting your requirements: half-way solutions are simply out of the question. For several years now we have invested heavily in our datacenters and servers. We use only components from reputable, top-end manufacturers, and we deploy sophisticated supervision tools. Our efforts to ensure quality and security are backed by an insurance policy guaranteeing our business for more than €100 million.


We have been providing web hosting for over 10 years and we know exactly what you need: solid performance over a fast network and uptime approaching 100%. 
Performance does not depend solely on the processor or the amount of RAM. We have optimized our entire platform to provide you with a wide choice of servers and storage configurations, as well as a range of network capacities with international operators.


Some few pictures of our datacenters