News: The Applications That Can Be Done on a Cloud Computing Platform

Published: 08/04/2020

It has been commonly known that the Cloud is a cloud computing environment that enables virtualization of computer and computing resources that may be provided by the use of external web servers to host computers. For cloud computing, Linux server operating systems such as Ubuntu Desktop are an ideal choice. It allows for speedy and efficient data transfer while running applications in containers, thereby providing great performances. It can also scale the application based on the amount of memory the Cloud server utilizes and provides great speeds for tasks such as web applications and web database applications.


Microsoft Windows Server is a server operating system designed by Microsoft that provides a platform that allows programmers to communicate, collaborate, and share resources. It offers an enterprise-class infrastructure in which businesses can organize systems and applications. It makes it easy for programmers to create high-performing applications, take advantage of distributed computing, and communicate with each other through networks. It also supports the creation of desktop-class computing platforms that provide superior application performance. It also has greater application and resource security than that of a server.


To provide an interactive computing environment, developers can easily use Ubuntu Desktop Cloud to make use of Ubuntu's application base. Through the use of it, developers can create applications that run without any extra effort from the developer. It enables a wider range of tasks to be performed by a single application, thus, enabling the user to work more efficiently and with greater freedom. Developers can also have more control over how their applications perform by making use of the Cloud application software available on the internet, or by using an application platform available in the Cloud.