News: Key-Value-Map Servers I

Published: 05/04/2020

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What is a KVM Server? A KVM (Key-Value-Map) server is a software application that provides secure key-value storage, not only on a local computer but on a remote computer as well. You can use the KVM console to access your database remotely using secure connections. With the introduction of cloud computing, a new trend called web service has emerged. The term "cloud" refers to the network of computers that hold information in large shared databases, called clouds. Web services are the transfer of information between these clouds, and therefore the term cloud computing was first coined to refer to this.


The cloud is an association of computers, to which information is exchanged for storage purposes, through the use of web services. Information is not stored in one place alone but in many places simultaneously. Information that is important and necessary for a network to function are also kept in the cloud. The information that is transferred from the local computer to the cloud is classified into the necessary and less important information, and then placed into the cloud by the computers that store it. For example, if a business that purchases a laptop uses a KVM server to store their email and passwords, this is then transferred into the cloud and will be available to anyone who needs it.


Another technology that is changing the world of computing is the introduction of KVM consoles. A KVM console is a set of computer hardware and software that make use of internet networks and connections to provide network access to a computer. It uses secure communication connections for authentication. Nowadays, this is often referred to as Cloud Computing.