News: Skylake Architecture Server Available at -VCCLClouD

Published: 27/03/2019



High Performance Skylake Architecture

VCCLClouDs 100% SSD and 100% Intel compute plans are engineered to deliver both speed and reliability your cloud application can depend on.

In our mission to always deliver industry leading performance, the team at VCCLClouD has been modernizing our platform at all available locations with the brand new Intel Skylake architecture. This hardware will be available first for new 2GB or bigger Servers deployments.

See how Skylake takes VCCLClouD performance to the next level!

CPU Performance

Our latest generation Intel Skylake processors are prioritized for new deployments of 2GB plans or bigger plans. Cpubench results show a large jump in CPU performance compared to our high performance Broadwell architecture.

Vultr - CPU Benchmark

Memory Performance

Server applications demand low latency memory with blazing fast read/write performance. We've built our cloud to tackle even the most intensive workloads and our Skylake refresh further improves performance.

Vultr - Memory Performance