The Applications That Can Be Done on a Cloud Computing Platform

Published: 08/04/2020

It has been commonly known that the Cloud is a cloud computing environment that enables virtualization of computer and computing resources that may be provided by the use of external web servers to host computers. For cloud computing, Linux server operating systems such as Ubuntu Desktop are an ...

Key-Value-Map Servers I

Published: 05/04/2020

vcclcloud provides you openstack based cloud computing. What is a KVM Server? A KVM (Key-Value-Map) server is a software application that provides secure key-value storage, not only on a local computer but on a remote computer as well. You can use the KVM console to access your database remotely ...

Now Enjoy Next Gen Advance Client Area

Published: 02/04/2020

We are excited to announce the release of our new dashboard inside your VCCLcloud customer portal. The dashboard makes it easier for you to access information important to manage your VCCLcloud account. When you log in, the new dashboard will now display your: Products and services, Support ...


Published: 21/01/2020

Upto 50 % Price Dropped ..... We have revised rates upto 50% discount , since we have announced a 25 basis points cut in our RPLR or retail prime lending rates, against SSD Vps and KVM Server are slashed upto 50 % enjoy the discount......

Buy SSD KVM VPS Server at just $1/mo |

Published: 14/11/2019

What Everybody Dislikes About KVM VPS SERVER and Why Get the Scoop on KVM VPS SERVER Before You're Too Late If you are in charge of KVM on a console-only server, it's still true that you have the choice to use the graphical virt-manager. Some KVM switches allow a number of users to manage many ...

GPU Server (Graphic server) now available at

Published: 15/10/2019

The best performance for online gaming and Video rendering GPU Server GeForce® GTX 1080 NvidiaGPU Engine 2560NVIDIA CUDA®Cores1607Base Clock (MHz) MemoryYesSimultaneous Multi-Projection.* *Intel Graphics UHD 630Optimal Game Settings For Intel®Quick Sync HD VideoYou can pick the plan ...

Prebuild Openstack Servers now available at vcclcloud

Published: 22/05/2019

 Next Generation Cloud-Ready Hyper-Converged Infrastructure now available preinstalled servers at vcclcloud. Enjoy the power of Openstack software controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking ,we will take care of network configuration. Open source software for ...

USA Location Data Center available

Published: 16/05/2019

Take advantage of Discovery offers on USA dedicated servers, available in limited ... With datacenters now in USA  VCCLClouD is extending its partners network ...    

Skylake Architecture Server Available at -VCCLClouD

Published: 27/03/2019

    High Performance Skylake Architecture VCCLClouDs 100% SSD and 100% Intel compute plans are engineered to deliver both speed and reliability your cloud application can depend on. In our mission to always deliver industry leading performance, the team at VCCLClouD has been ...

Start sms sending services with VCCLClouD

Published: 25/01/2019

Sending SMS is now become easy : communicate with all of your contacts via SMS, directly from your control panel . Our SMS Gateway is the fast, ready-to-use service that allows you to connect your clients with our SMS sending service using some of the main ...

Openstack Public Cloud Available at vcclcloud

Published: 19/07/2018

Start using an OpenStack powered public cloud. Get access to compute, storage and networking in minutes and only pay for what you use.UOS Cloud is a full-function OpenStack pubic cloud, its major differentiated features include VPC networking based on Neutron, high performance provisioned IOPS of ...

Now Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core Coffee Lake Servers available

Published: 26/06/2018

Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core Coffee Lake incl. Hyper-Threading Technology Servers are available ,High Speed and extra Storage space with Hyper threading technology gives extra powerful speedy server ,Start today and power up your business with vccl servers.

Accelerating The Cloud With Intel Skylake!

Published: 23/06/2018

With today's update, we are excited to announce performance-boosting hardware upgrades across the entire worldwide VCCL cloud! The VCCL infrastructure team has been working hard for the past several months to deploy refreshed hardware in all of our 15 locations featuring the blazing fast Intel ...

Windows KVM Server

Published: 13/06/2018

Now you can easily Install Windows 2012 x86_64 OS on Our KVM Server through Client Panel .Use Windows KVM Server for your Project turns your dreams true..

Get fly with vcclcloud, Cloud with flexible features.

Published: 04/06/2018

A little money gets you lots of cloud. A flexible cloud server with high-end-hardware. Multi location ,easy deployment ,manage with ease at our client portal ,Create unlimited instances as per your need ,Restart,Reinstall,Reboot ,ISO feature and many more..


Published: 04/06/2018

DEDICATED SERVERS Dedicated root servers to meet any need. Top performance with an excellent connection. BRAND NAME HARDWARE FROM DELL FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATIONS Scalable server with up to 10 integrable hard drives. Handles high capacities with dual Xeon processors.

Now GOautodial ISO 3.3 Image Available with KVM VPS

Published: 15/04/2018

Now GOautodial ISO Image available to Mount from KVM VPS Control Panel Goautodial v3.3 is an open source web based call center system based on CentOS. It automatically installs the GOautodial applications (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent), Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, Limesurvey and other open ...

Intel v5 cloud servers now available

Published: 17/03/2018

Cloud servers driven by the latest Intel v5 CPU cores with full instruction set exposure. Discover true industry defining price/performance from our cloud.

KVM VPS now available on vcclcloud

Published: 17/03/2018

 A new product offering highly requested by client feedback is now available due to popular demand! vcclcloud is pleased to announce that Linux VPS instances running on KVM virtualization technology are available! To celebrate, for a limited time only, get one of the following Linux KVM VPS spec ...